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Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic 87

Honouring the 70th birthday of Anders Kock

Patras, 21-23 March 2008

The 87th Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic will be held in Patras, Greece, on 22-23 March 2008. An extra session will be held in the afternoon of Friday 21 March, celebrating the 70th birthday of Anders Kock. A. Joyal, F. W. Lawvere and G. Reyes will participate honouring Anders.

Seminar's venue: Conference Center of the University of Patras

List of participants



Tom, Eugenia, Andrea, Ryszard and Akis through the looking glass
Anders, Marek, Michael, Lena and Andre, ...Hanne, Joachim, Panagis, George,
Let the good times roll
Saturday lunch, Higher cats
Organizing Committee, Greek dance, an attempt
Andre, Grigoris and Delfic lanscape, Teacher and student, Socrates, they say
Two tigers in the PSSL's engine
Bridge over troubled water (Tuesday, by Anders)
(Pre-)Group picture, Achaia Clauss Winery

Courtesy of Ryszard:
Anders and stacks
Andre and Marek
family foto
a tree (between Cape Araxos and the lagoon of Messolonghi, excellent one!)
watching...(the youngest participant)
another (pre-)group photo

Registration: You may register for PSSL87 by filling out the following form

Name: .......
Affiliation: .....
I wish to give a talk: YES/NO
Title: .....
Arrival Date: ....
Departure Date: ....
I wish to book a hotel room in Achaia Beach Hotel: YES/NO - SINGLE/DOUBLE

and submitting it to

Accommodation Information:
The University of Patras is located in the suburbs, 10 km NE of the downtown area. The participants have the options of either staying downtown or in one of the hotels along the coast near the University. In the first case they will have to use local transportation (bus or taxi). In the second case they may choose to walk (weather permitting) or get a ride by the people involved in the organization. With the second option in mind, a number of rooms has been reserved at Hotel Achaia Beach and will be available at the price of 69 Euros (single room) and 85 Euros (double room), provided that reservation is confirmed before 15 January 2008. The hotel is 2,5 km away from the PSSL venue and has the extra advantage of being close to some fine restaurants and in walking distance from the cafes, bars and restaurants of the coast of Rion, which starts getting lively at that time of the year. If you wish to book a hotel room yourself you may consult

Transportation Information:
Patras is located 220km W of the Athens airport. The best way to approach it is to use the Athens Suburban Railway (Proastiakos) which stretches west up to the town of Kiato, on the northern coast of the Peloponnese, 110km away from Patras. The idea is to arrange some private car or coach rides from Kiato to Patras, according to the date and time of arrival of most of you. Otherwise there is the option of getting on the (slow, narrow gauge) train to Patras. More details will appear here.

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