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Assistant Professor

Telephone: +30 2610997425 (office)
E-mail :

Research Interests: Category Theory, Mathematical Logic
Published Papers:
1. Compact Topologies on Locally Presentable Categories, Cahiers de Topologie et Geometrie Differentielle Categoriques, Vol. XXXVIII-3 (1997), 227-255.

2. Gabriel Topologies on Coherent Quantales, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 127(2), 177-192, 1998.

3. (with Costas Drossos) Coupling an MV-algebra with a Boolean Algebra, Intern. J. of Approx. Reasoning 18 (1998), 231-238.

4. Gabriel Filters and the Spectrum of an MV-algebra. In: D. Dubois et al.(eds) Fuzzy Sets, Logics and Reasoning about Knowledge. Kluwer, 1999.

5. Categorical Domain Theory: Scott Topology, Powercategories, Coherent Categories ps file, Theory and Applications of Categories, 9 (2001), 106-120

6. Notions of Flatness relative to a Grothendieck Topology ps file ,Theory and Applications of Categories, 12 (2004), 225-236

7. (with J. Rosicky and J. Velebil ), Completeness of Cocompletions ps file, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 196 (2005), 229-250

8. (with T. Beke and J. Rosicky), When is Flatness Coherent?, Communications in Algebra, 33 (2 005), 1903-1912.

9. (with C. A. Drossos) A note on representing and interpreting MV-algebras. In: S. Aguzzoli et al.(eds) Algebraic and Proof Theoretic Aspects of MV-algebras. Springer, LNCS 4460, pp. 119-126, 2007.

10. (with J. Velebil) Dense morphisms of monads pdf file, Theory and Applications of Categories, 18 (2007), 372-399

11. (with J. Velebil) Representability relative to a doctrine, Cahiers de Topologie et Geometrie Differentielle Categoriques, 50 (2009), 3-22

12. (with A. Matzaris and J. Velebil) Final Coalgebras in Accessible Categories pdf file , Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 21, No. 5, 1067-1108 (2011).

13. (with G. Protsonis) Left Kan Extensions Preserving Finite Products pdf file , To appear in Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra

Preprints and notes:
1. Flatness and the left exactness of geometric realization ps file , Notes from PSSL 83, Glasgow, May 2006

2. Sifted inductive completions over cartesian closed bases pdf file , Notes from Categorical Methods in Algebra, Topology, Computer Science, Coimbra, October 2007

3. (with A. Matzaris and J. Velebil) Cofree Coalgebras in Accessible Categories pdf file , Submitted, October 2010

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1. Introduction to Algebra and Set Theory, Fall Semester (1st year course)
[1] D. N. Georgiou and S. Iliadis, Set Theory, Patras 2009
[2] K. Kalfa, Introduction to Algebra, Ziti Editions
[3] P. Halmos, Naive Set Theory, (Greek translation) Ekkremes Editions.

Exercises (2010-2011):
Fall 2010 (1).
Fall 2010 (2).
Fall 2010 (3).
Fall 2010 (4).

Exam sheets with answers
Solutions Feb'09.
Solutions Sept'09.
Solutions Feb'10.
Solutions Feb'11 .

Results June 2012 (NEW!).

2. Mathematical Logic, Spring Semester (1st year course). Notes (part of a textbook, with C. Drossos and E. Papadopetrakis). Old exam sheets, available as pdf files: June 08, June 09
Exercises, Spring 2011

3. Mathematical Logic II (merging of the courses tought formerly as Ordered Sets and Algebras of Logic and Model Theory) Fall Semester (3rd year course). Course notes in Greek: by P. Karazeris, available as ps file
by C. Drossos, available as pdf file
The material covered in the course corresponds to Chapter 1, sections 2.2, 2.4, 2.5 and Chapter 3 from the first set of notes and to pages 56 to 81 from the second set of notes.
Old exam sheets, available as dvi files: September 03, February 04, February 06.

1. Foundations of Mathematics - Mathematical Logic, Spring Semester.
Recommended literature:
[1] D. van Dalen, Logic and Structure, Springer (1980)
[2] J. L. Bell and A. Slomson, Models and Ultraproducts, North Holland (1969)
[3] A. Tzouvaras, Elements of Mathematical Logic, Ziti Editions (1998) (in Greek)
Old exam sheets: June 04,June 06.

2. Category Theory (Reading Course), Usually available in Fall Semester. Although it carries the weight of half a course, it is actually taught in the form of lectures, whenever there is interest. Students are evaluated from exercises of this and that form. Some old notes in Greek, partly suitable for the course, are available as ps file. A higly recommended set of notes, written by S. Awodey, has now appeared as a book (S. Awodey, Category Theory , Oxford Logic Guides, Oxford Science Publications 2006).

Students I have supervised
Master's Theses:

1. A. Matzaris, Completions of Categories under Colimits and Exactness Conditions (in Greek, ps file).
2. K. Leivaditis, Characterization of Algebraic Categories (in Greek, ps file).
3. G. Protsonis, Categories with homotopy structure (in Greek, pdf file).
4. A. Papastavrou, Exact sequences, homological and derived functors (in Greek, pdf file).
5. S. Delis, Category theory and concrete universals (in Greek, pdf file).

Ph.D Theses:

1. A. Matzaris, Final and Co-free Co-algebras in Accessible Categories (in Greek, pdf file).
2. G. Protsonis, Preservation of Classes of Finite Limits by Left Kan Extensions (in Greek, pdf file).

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