Last Event

The Inter-University Network “Modelization and Analysis of Biomedical and Physical Systems” (MABIPHYS) was approved by the Research Committee of the University of Patras at the beginning of the academic year 2009-2010, and was funded with 8000 euro, with the aim of seeking common research activities and organizing seminars, workshops and common events in the areas of:

  • Nonlinear dynamics of nonlinear physical systems: Theory and applications.
  • Brain dynamics and communication between computer and the brain.
  • Systems Biology: Computational methodology and applications
  • Study of properties and dynamics of granular matter
  • Computational Intelligence and applications
  • Computational fluid dynamics and instabilities of polymeric fluids
  • Control theory and simulation of dynamical processes
  • Digital image and signal analysis
  • Dynamical testing and control of complex stochastic mechanical systems
  • Nonlinear optics and photonics
The groups of the Network belong to the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. The Network continued its activities in the academic year 2010-2011 and in July 2011 its extension was approved with additional funding of 5000 euro. Meanwhile, a new group was added to MABIPHYS consisting of researchers of the Department of Civil Engineering, whose work centers of Transportation Engineering and Seismic Dynamics.