DSS-PSP - A decision support software for evaluating students' performance Print

I.E. Livieris, K. Drakopoulou, Th. Kotsilieris, V. Tampakas and P. Pintelas. DSS-PSP - A decision support software for evaluating students’ performance. In 18th International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks (EANN 2017), 2017.


Abstract - Prediction, utilizing machine learning and data mining techniques is a significant tool, offering a first step and a helping hand for educators to early recognize those students who are likely to exhibit poor performance. In this work, we introduce a new decision support software for predicting the students’ performance at the final examinations. The proposed software is based on a novel 2level classification technique which achieves better performance than any examined single learning algorithm. Furthermore, significant advantages of the presented tool are its simple and userfriendly interface and that it can be deployed in any platform under any operating system.