Research projects


1. Project "Parallel Simula Machine" (national project)

2. Project "GRASPIN", ESPRIT I

3. Project Coordinator "SDDL: Software Design Description Languages" (national project)

4. Project "CLEAR", ESPRIT III

5. Project "DAYSY", ESPRIT III

6. Project "SEMI" , partner (Comett I)

7. Project "Education Research in Hypertext and Multimedia Environment"

8. Project Coordinator for the project "GESEM" ( contract no. 90/2/5081/Cb, Comett II)

9. Project Coordinator for the project "CALSIM-AXE-10" (national project)

10. Project "MATCH", for developing an authoring system for children , INCO.

11. Project "YPERION", Virtual Reality in education (national project)

12. Project “EIKON”, Virtual Reality in High Schools and distance learning, project manager (national project)

13. "PLOUTARCHOS", researcher (national project)

14. PENED 96, "NEWRALG", project manager (national project, basic research)

15. PENED 99,  "TELE-INTELECT" (national project, basic research)

16. PENED 99, "X-GENITOR", project manager (national project, basic research)

17. PENED 99, "AGENDA II" (national project, basic research)

18. ODL TEI, "QUALI-LEARN", Technological Educational Institute of Athens, EPEAEK, researcher (national project)

19. ODL UoP, University of Patras, EPEAEK, project manager (national project)

20. ODL EMP, National Technical University of Athens, EPEAEK, researcher (national project)

21. "THRANIO", EPET II, researcher (national project)

22. "HERMES" human network for new technologies in ODL (national project) PROSAGENT, ARCHIMEDES, TEI Larissas, basic research, partner.

23.  ARCHIMEDES II, ATEI Patra, basic research on data mining in commerce and business, partner.

24.  ARCHIMEDES IIIB, 1/6/2006-31/12/2007, ATEI Larissa.

25.   “ESQUITΙS”,INTERREG III, Code B.888, Partner funding 63.600e (project funding 471.000e).

26.  EPEAEK II “ Design of Operational Plan for the Life-Long Learning Institute of University of Peloponnese”, 06/2006-11/2006 (project funding 141.000,00e).

27.  EPEAEK II “Training of trainers ΠΑΚΕ”, 2008-2009

28.  e-GIS+, Leonardo 1/1/2008- 31/12/2010

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