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Recent Events

In the framework of the European research and training activities in Complexity Science we announce the continuation of a series of annual Ph.D. Schools on “Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems”.

The first PhD School took place in Patras, Greece, in the summer of 2011. (See http://www.math.upatras.gr/~phdsch11 )

The second PhD School was organized in July, 2012, at the University of Pescara, Italy. (See http://www.nodycosy.unich.it )

Τhe third PhD School took place in July 2013 at Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete , Heraklion, Greece. (See http://nlsconf2013.physics.uoc.gr )

The fourth PhD School was held in July 2014 at the Cultural Foundation “Kritiki Estia” , Athens, Greece. (See http://nlsconf2014.physics.uoc.gr )

The fifth PhD School was held in July 2015 at the Conference Center of the University of Patras, Patras, Greece. (See http://www.math.upatras.gr/~phdsch15 )